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Audit & Compliance Provision


The Challenge

There are many pressures placed on organisations especially as the client organisations is asking for greater transparency in your business process and working conditions. In many cases this can be achieved by undertaking a proactive approach to auditing and inspection. How will you assess the suitability of your management programmes, working practices, compliance with a massive range of legislation and client specific demands?

The Solution

Working with members of your management team we will identify the areas of the business that you wish to assess and where required we will confirm your corporate objectives and put a programme in place to help the business in meting these objectives. We can develop audit and inspection programmes that are customised to meet and align with your needs or we can actually use a qualified member of our audit team to deliver a standard internal programme. You will receive feedback on the same day and will be provided with a detailed report and action plan to ensure the process adds value to the business.


Next Steps

Identify who will be the main point of contact within the business and confirm with the assistance of one of our audit managers what you need to establish using an audit or inspection programme. Confirm which part of the business you want to assess and confirm what your business deadlines are. If you need to assess more than one area within the business we will work with your team to develop an integrated approach that will allow a progressive and continual improvement of the business.



Action Plan

Call a member of our senior management team and we shall provide you with a candid, honest response based on an assessment of your needs. We can agree a way forward on the call and work in partnership with you to address this vital business need.