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Social & Ethical Auditing


The Challenge

You are doing work for a client who has advised their client that they are using your services as a supplier. You have received correspondence advising that as you form part of a bigger supply chain you need to undergo a social and ethical audit You are familiar with other trade type audits but have never come across this type of audit before. Just what is it and why does your business need to be audited, in some cases you don’t even have a contract with the company who is demanding the audit. There is no one in the business who really understands what is required and yet the sales team are saying that if you don’t take the audit you will get no more work from the main client.

The Solution

Work with our senior team who possess extensive experience of a wide range of ethical codes of conduct and ethical audit programmes such as ETI and SMETA including unique programmes operated by some of the world’s largest companies who have opted to utilise their own ethical audit programmes. We will  provide advice on how to deal with the audit and what the business needs to do.



Action Plan

Call a member of our senior management team and we shall provide you with a candid, honest response based on an assessment of your needs. We can agree a way forward on the call and work in partnership with you to address this vital business need.