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Pre-Qualification and Supply-Chain Audits


The Challenge

Your sales team are bidding on a new contract and they tell you that membership of a commercial pre-qualification scheme is required before you can bid on the project. What can you do to get membership of the scheme, quickly? You need to undertake a due diligence exercise on your high-risk suppliers and as part of this exercise you need to undertake an audit on their capability and how they can impact on your business brand equity, this needs to be conducted quickly yet you don’t have the necessary internal resource to complete this exercise!

The Solution

Utilise the services of our internal experts who possess in depth experience of not only all pre-qualification programmes within the United Kingdom but also international programmes sometimes required by companies who have a parent company located in other parts of the world. We are experienced in not only assisting our clients in acquiring membership of these programmes we also have experience of developing many of these programmes working with the organisations who manage these programmes. We possess the ability to develop bespoke audit protocols that provides a multi-disciplinary assessment of your suppliers irrelevant of their location in the supply chain. This will address all foreseeable risk that can impact on your business, the supplier’s ability to deliver their work scope and reduce the financial risk to the business.


Next Steps

Identify which programme you are required to join. Confirm, that the management team are committed to gaining this accreditation and will allocate suitable resources.
Identify a suitable point of contact within the business who will be responsible for implementing this programme.



Action Plan

Call a member of our senior management team and we shall provide you with a candid, honest response based on an assessment of your needs. We can agree a way forward on the call and work in partnership with you to confirm the turnaround of the final assessment, how you wish to receive the information and address this vital business need.