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The Challenge

There has always been pressure on companies to train and educate their workforce. As the employment market evolves and the pressure to not only acquire skilled workers becomes harder, employees are now looking at what training provisions the employer provides as a reason to actually join the company it is also a factor that ensures employers can retain key workers.

The challenge still remains in that if you have a workforce that requires education but you find it difficult to release them for weeks at a time to attend training courses this creates pressure on the others left behind plus if you are small business the issue of losing someone out of the business to receive training does make it very hard to justify the decision also how do you decide who does the training first?

The Solution

The way forward and it is not always an individual’s first choice is e-learning. Many individuals especially older workers are used to the traditional didactic method of teaching but to simply ignore training that can be delivered in the privacy of a one-to-one setting should not be overlooked. It provides flexibility, it can be adapted based on ability and can also where required be given to individuals who may not possess English as a first language.


Next Steps

Look at the range of courses we provide, we have tried to provide a range that provides a basic entry level introduction into a range of training subjects. If we don’t have a programme that you require or you would like a course that is customised to meet your specific needs or help the course to be delivered in a range of different language’s we can either offer training sessions with sub-titles or voice overs using a range of languages that reflect your workforce.

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Action Plan

Call a member of our senior management team and we shall provide you with a candid, honest response based on an assessment of your needs. We can agree a way forward on the call and work in partnership with you to confirm the turnaround of the final assessment, how you wish to receive the information and address this vital business need.